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Saturday, May 21, 2016

i have been quiet lately

It is not because I have nothing to say,
but because i am stymied,
on how to say.
my words are halting
and confusing to me.
Some how life took an odd turn
and i am in stagnant water.
i do not understand.
those near me,
in close proximity t least,
are unaware,
surrounded in their own cloud of self.
Others are lost in a confusion of their minds,
believing things that are made up,
believing that what they think is real.
I sit and ponder,
not exactly knowing what to do.
I hesitate
and stand still,
but i am learning something new.
The Spring time,
despite its cold temperament this year,
does not let me go down,
but has let me be confused.
I am told,
by others who are not so close,
my attitude is good
and that makes me wonder.
Am i on a new path,
a bit higher than before?
For i do not stop because.
i do not let those things that are barriers,
stop me.
I want to beckon those who are stopped,
to come with me,
but they also hesitate,
lost in themselves.
I must move on.

Friday, May 13, 2016

i do not know where i am going with this, let's see

what is your motive,
for the things that you do?
(take the you in a universal context, please)
Is it out of Love?
or obligation?
Is it to take care of yourself?
or others?
Is there self flagellation?
or is it compassion that rules?
Our passions,
our desires,
trumpet through the earth,
are they for good?
or are they for ill?
I have no answers,
save to keep my heart still,
take one step at a time
and seek to care.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


or is it five?
days of rainy, cool to cold weather
and i do not do well with it.
The rain is fine,
but the cool chills me
to the depths of my soul.
Yet, there is green
and the color of the many flowers, 
lifts my heart
and so i present confusion.
Excitement and tragedy.
Dreariness and elation
and they coexist,
intertwined in my heart
and i have no words for how i really feel.
Tho, blurry,
as in this photo,
might be apt.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Once, twice now three times this is giv'n

My words can not always be written,
of't they are silenced by
and trouble.
In peace and tranquility, also,
I can not write;
for nothing stirs my soul.
It is between,
as in betwixt and between,
these place,
when i am living,
that my heart has fire
and these words,
coming tumbling out.
The chill in the air,
can not freeze them.
The rain can not wash them away,
for it is now that i am living.
Pain and suffering are my teachers,
but they can not write my words.
The quietness of my soul,
can not speak,
but LIFE,
now that speaks volumes
and it is of life that i write.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


in the past,
i thought i knew what suffering was.
i was mistaken.
in the past,
i thought i understood what troubles are.
i was without understanding.
Then things happened
and i experienced some.
I then thought i had suffered enough,
but that was my pride,
because i did not understand.
Then i thought i had enough troubles,
but i was mistaken,
for i looked only to myself
and not to this world,
not seeing what others suffered.
Now i see better,
tho i will never say enough.
Oh, i truly did suffer,
but it was only a small taste,
of what this world has to offer.
i had and still have troubles,
but not that much,
only a small morsel...

A friend told me once:
"i cried because i had no shoes
and then i saw a man with no feet"

i think i am beginning to understand.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

it is Spring again

bleeding heart
my support
 and despite the chilly morning,
the flowers say it is staying this time.

and beside me with every step is my cane,
not to support some ailing limb,
but to keep me from toppling over
from my lack of balance.
This allows me to enjoy these flowers!
unknown? phlox?
flowering cherry trees


Sunday, April 24, 2016

no more fear

we have been frightened,
for far too long,
by what for's
and what if's
and other such nonsense,
the mind plays on our hearts.
An answer though,
always has meaning
and provides us with a new starting point,
far away from all of those fears.
Answers found,
in a book,
a person
or a kiss?
It all depends on what our hearts are afraid of.
fear is the enemy,
let us start anew.