Thursday, July 23, 2015

No song for today

It is always temporary,
but i am okay,
just do not know where i am headed.
Things to do,
but the days have been busy,
too busy.
Some one told me I was bored,
I know I am not,
sometimes confused,
some times a bit depressed,
some times more alone than i would like,
but never bored.
There are multitude of "things" i have to do
and i can not seem to get to them.
Some times i look at the fierce waves,
but forget the miracle,
that i am walking on top of the water.
I worry that i have some how chosen a wrong path,
yet i am reminded that i have fulfilled almost all my desires
and i feel complete.
No more to say,
just trying not to complain.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Writing of my past

In a zone,
words pouring,
from my brain,
to my finger tips,
to the screen where i write such things.
So much emotion,
I can not feel it any more,
but it is down,
for others to see.
i now, am shaken and spent.

The Journey

on a boat,
tossed in seas,
we find ourselves shrouded in fog,
this is life.
A beacon shines,
from some distance shore,
Times and points of clarity
and we follow that light,
not knowing is we shall reach a safe haven
and shore
or sharp rock that will tear apart our fragile life
and end our journey.
How much of our lives are like this?
Times and points,
where we seem to know where we head,
but find that we have been misdirected instead?
Each of us travels on,
not truly knowing,
much of anything at all.
To have accompaniment,
is what we seek,
for the boat ride is lonely
and wet
and cold
and dangers abound.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

a return of sorts

It is of my life,
i sing in these words.
They speak of struggle
and triumph,
of joy and sorrow.
Each of us have them,
waiting to be expressed.
A little push,
a word of encouragement,
some thing which brings out,
the song in our hearts.
I have help,
from those with whom,
the song flows from their heart.
i listen,
that is all that is needed.
listen for the song that sings to you.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

i have wondered,
if it has been fear,
which has stopped me in my tracks.
I walked today,
only around the block,
without my cane.
Slowly i went
and did not fall,
but i went.
So many times,
I fall
or sway
and there seems nothing to do,
but i challenged myself,
The weather being warm,
for i would not try in the cold.
My mind challenged my fear
and would not let it take control
and i walked,
slowly without my cane
and i did not fall.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Complaining again

I actually was unsure of which blog to put this in, so i will link it to my main blog as well and Visa versa...
Since i wrote about tall grass and ticks (the grass was cut the next day) in the Mill River Park, I figured this was appropriate.
A few days ago, after the ground breaking ceremony and a check was given to the city from the Mill River Collaborative (the city does love money coming in), a fence was put up blocking the sidewalk, with no notice and no signage saying the sidewalk was closed.  Well a few days after somewhat appropriate signage appeared (cause someone complained?) then I discovered this closure will continue for over a year.  This closure forces people, who would walk on the South side, to cross the very busy West Broad Street, which has had a number of pedestrian accidents for various reasons.
To say it makes my life difficult is an understatement and so here I go posting a complain.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Multiple things

Today, i realized that i was using my right hand more than i have in the past 7 years.
For a significant time after the operation, i was ambidextrous.
This spoke to me more about which side of my brain is also predominate
and it tells me why i have been having so much trouble finding peace.
That other side is my emotional, spiritual and spontaneous side.
It has gotten me in trouble before, but if both sides coexist there is less of an issue with "trouble".

he second part is concerning the current "political" topic of marriage equality.
I try to stay out of such things, but kept wanting to respond in a strong way to certain view points.
I am not "gay", but i congratulated others who were, this is a legal hurtle that will help them.

Then i was convicted about how i wanted to respond to others, because it never is about others, it is about what God does in our life.

I was drawn to 2 statements in a series that i try to live by.
The first is:
Humility loves in the face of unlove.  It empowers us to be self-effacing; it allows us to consider others better than ourselves.
Humility does not remonstrate or agitate; it quietly confirms a man can die to himself.

The final is the second great commandment Jesus spoke of - to love our neighbors as our selves.

This does not allow for my desire to strike out at anyone, for any reason.