Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The tree is bare

The tree is bare,
but the sun does not shine.
The leaves are gone with the last winter storm.
No snow came here,
but that is coming soon.
The birds still flock
to eat of the harvest it provides.
bare of leaf,
but full of berries,
all shriveled and almost dry
they still provide.
Is this my life?
I ask,
not expecting an answer.
These are questions for others to answer,
not me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Takes Me Back

These beautiful days we are having,
to times that seem so far away
and very long ago.
With my dad,
beyond the Addick's Dam,
strolling in brush.
We were hunting dove,
(yes i did hunt)
and flocks would fly over head, so dense,
we thought they were grackles.
We did not shoot,
because we thought they were the other bird
and we did not ever waste a shot,
to hurt something we did not want.
Is the Dam still there,
down in Houston?
or has it been overrun with progress,
like so much has.
I am still brought back,
for this is a rare days
and I enjoy all of it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

just plain fun

I did not think i would make it till yesterday,
all year,(and more to tell the truth),
I did not think i would be here any more.
I am surprised
and over joyed with each day that I wake.
The things that were dark,
have left
and all that remains are the things of light.
The strange symptoms,
are still here,
but with out a diagnosed cause,
(yet, I think they come form my eyes,
but no one can tell me that).
For my birthday,
some one got me a precious gift:
a year of prayers at the daily mass at a Seminary.
You do not have to believe to be blessed by such a gift,
but it is double because I do believe,
The weather was normal,
not cold
nor hot
and I got to do what I love,
cook a meal for all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Early mornings are good for my soul

I awake early
and while the weather is still mild,
take my coffee outside
and sit awhile.
Perceptions in the near light,
are different,
than either the light of day
or the dark of night.
with a hint of color thrown in,
I think of them as gifts.
I know that my eyes see differently,
but it is not always a bad thing,
not always a struggle.
It is in this twilight of very early morning,
it is best.
It shapes my mind with O's and Ah's
and brings me not only to a place of peace,
but of anticipation.
I think of the many gifts given
and I am on a roll.
Daylight soon comes
and that magical space is no long visible,
but its magic lingers on.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reflections for a Saturday Morning

I dig deep in my heart ...
Looking for the ways to explore
and i stop and wonder, often.
How is it we live?
Do we live for other?
Do we make room for others?
Or is it all about me?
The simple things are telling,
a space for a visitor on the coat rack
or the table
or the sofa.
Do we guard against intrusion,
or can we,
with open arms,
accept some one to come into our life.
Our pattern in this world is to allow one person,
can we allow more
ot is it a strain on our being?
So many question,
each leading the same place,
connecting with more than our selves.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This is the time of year,
that remains my favorite,
no matter what it portends.
Each leaf turning brilliant,
brings joy to my heart.
I have said it before
and will yet again,
that the love of fall,
is the love of each moment in our lives.
No thought of what has passed
and no thought of what is to come.
The crispness of the air
and the aroma of browning leaves.,
overwhelms my senses,
more than the perfumes of Spring.
I have said before;
"I do not like cool or cold temperatures",
yet in the context of the Autumn displays,
I am okay with it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


i have been very quiet,
as of late.
My heart seemed, no longer to beat
nor did it speak,
for it laid hidden,
from the storm that i had to pass through.
The seasonal rains,
which seem to come later now,
have helped revive me,
The colors of this season,
as short as they may be,
red, and golds and various hues of orange and yellow,
glisten in the dampness of the rain.
The portion of the ordeal that was up to me,
is over,
now i wait.
Waiting seems to be the easy part.
Who could paint only watercolor because anything else took to long to dry?
learned well those months in the hospital,
some six years past.
I still bear the scares from that ordeal,
scars that will never heal,
but today,
I continue on,
loving the warm Autumn,
with rain pouring out of the sky.