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Friday, December 12, 2008


I loved Patty's comment in my last post, many people have given me this sentiment, but sadly I have mot obeyed yet; I guess I still have more to learn. Ont he other hand, I am amazed.
In this adventure there were very clearly 3 times I could have died, but didn't - enough reason to think I got a lot more to learn.
1) They could have not found the tumor when they did - it was very close to the brain stem and was growing slowly. And when they did find it, it was removable and not malignant (in the cancerous way of thinking).
2) During the operation, when my lungs filled with water and I come to in time to hear them say "He's not breathing!" or when I pulled the breathing mechanism out of my lungs and they had to put me out again and re -intibate me.
3) When I fell this last time - It is amazing to me that I had so few scraps and no real cuts. That is why I was curious if anyone saw me fall...I had 4 very small scrapes on the left side of my face, one on the left had and a cut on the outside of my right hand. There is almost no bruising (that I can see) and there is a small ache on the left side of my head (where I must have hit) and my left shoulder. I did not even bother with Advil with these aches, that is how slight they have been.
As I said, I am amazed!
Other than that, I scared the hell out of all of my friends who saw me in how my brain and body was functioning before they shut off the shunt. One 30 something year old man, who had known me since he was a small child, ran out of the room crying when he first saw me.
I have lost most of Thursday after the fall, all of Friday and most of Saturday morning before the very quick surgery to stop the shunt. I remember everything after that.
Am I scared? you betcha!, angry that this has lasted so long? Yep! Frightened that something could happen again at any time? Yes!
But this is still an Adventure and I am learning loads of stuff.
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