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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next Steps

In the dim light,
there is clarity,
the day comes with more light,
confusion reigns,
obscurity, confusion, double vision rules,
Ah! The glasses!
clarity returns.

It seems that i have used "Next step' as a title before, maybe many times before, The Adventure is not over! The glasses have their draw backs, I pretty much have to be looking straight at a person to get the best view. With the glasses, I must relearn distance. often i reach for an item and it is further away than I think.
There was more "singleness" this morning, than other mornings, perhaps because of the cloud cover, but I can hope that maybe things are improving.
There is a portion of me that believes I will never be fully independent again, and that portion thinks it may be all for the good.
There is a need for therapy for my eyes, that is scheduled for the beginning of March.
Will I be able to go back to work sooner? I hope so, I actually miss the place and have dreams about it. I also need to do a reality check and let my doctor decide on that course, it is actually considered a "BT, level 2, sentinel lab", something one does not just go waltzing into while there is visual confusion. I get to talk to the doctors soon about this.
I will need to get my visual reflexes checked to see if I can drive again. At this moment, I would not put myself behind the wheel of any vehicle, mostly because of the visual confusion, and all the doctors agree.
One more check by the optometrists at SUNY, scheduled for April, they do not want to let me go.
My blood pressure appears to have stabilized at half the medication i was taking before the operation and I may have found a medicine cause for a lot of the acid reflex, I will talking to the doctor about this soon.
It feels like the pieces are slowly coming together, it has been a long time for me. It has done a lot for my emotional, spiritual heart and reopened my creative side and for all of that I am truly grateful. There is no, "why did this happen to me", going on. I am truly thankful for my life, even if sometimes I am frustrated.

As an aside - I love getting comments on this Adventuresome blog!
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