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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter again

I love celebrating and because I am half Greek (the other half is French making me, yes, a Freak!), I get to celebrate 2 Easters!
The orthodox Christians use an 'older' calculation for Easter, so it does not often fall on the same Sunday, but that is just fine by me, I get to celebrate twice!
Going through this week was actually difficult because for my adventure with my eye was getting me pretty down. Feeling i really couldn't do much of anything because my eyeglasses are not helping me so i am seeing double even with them on.
Is this a good thing? It might well be. I could be having this trouble because they are getting better, but it actually hard to tell and that can get me irritated, depressed, angry and i want to strike out.
So what do I do, well I invite 8 more people for a fairly traditional Greek Easter dinner and that is added to the 4 of us who live here.
Greeks cook lamb and I was traditional, garlic, mint and lemon. You punch holes in the lamb and fill them with garlic, rub the meat with dry mint (from my garden) and the soak it in lemon juice. Add a little salt and let it sit. Then after it soaks a while you cook it slowly at about 275 for a number of hours (4) and then turn up the heat to 350 for the last hour. I cheated on the potatoes (bought them frozen and seasoned at Target and they were very good). Green beans with Olive oil and oregano worked as a green and finally butter/honey baby carrots.
Two of the children couldn't come so we had 10 and everyone said it was good and I liked it. In this case, i did all the preperation and all the set up of the table etc...
I get to rest often while doing thing so it was not to tiring and every one was happy.
Okay so maybe I am not so useless after all.
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