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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The cycle

Therapist use general concepts of what we all may go through when we are confront by different issues. This actually works (just like when psychics come across with the same concepts, IE we choose out parents) because there is some truth to the human experience, everything we go through emotionally, has some similarities.
In one sense it gives us a label of where we are in a particular journey.
Mine was fairly easy, its called "Loss.
In my case, it is the loss of my health and most of the things I have been able to do and enjoy.
There are of course steps or processes we all go through to come to the other side. Sometimes we get stuck in one. that is what I thought I was doing, but actually, the way it looks, it looks like I am doing fairly well.
Example, until recently, I would not have thought to go out to Stamford's blog and grog meet-up, now I can not wait.
Now may be the therapist was just making me feel better, but the location on the cycle she place me at, put me 3/4 of the way through. That helped.
In her book, i was placed at reorganization. Fatigue and negativity are part of it. Rocking back and forth between looking forward to things and being depressed are part of it. Feeling like it will never end is part of it.
Feeling hopeless, trapped and caged at times also works, but the point is that I am close, not far. This is all a good thing!
So did a session help? Yep!
will I have more? Yep!
Th-that's all folks!
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