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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have some one emailing me again with extremely divisive "information".
The last one was "Which side of the fence or you?"
The E-mail is a chain being sent along conservative lines misses something still again.
I simply responded:  "Why the fence?"
To me, the issue becomes simple as someone attempts to polarize people and "conquer" them, the best way is to divide people.
That is what I perceived the end intent of this "story" was.
If you divide us enough, all that is left if me and me can not stand very long.
The liberals end up hating the communist, the socialist, the right-wingers, the conservatives, the tea party, the John Birchers, etc and it goes with each group, sub-dividing until there are only solitary people believing firmly in only them selves.
That will be the sad day.
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