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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stll More...

I do not know what this is for,
I do not know when this will stop.
I rang Barry's Bell
or rather my bell for Barry,
For an end of suffering and healing.
Not an end of life as we know it, but of a continuation.
For hope and joy.
My life did not end, when it seemed it should.
Someone told me I was an inspiration.
I do not know, I only know a force has been released inside of me that I can not stop and it will not stop.

Confusion, why?
Not why the suffering, because that is a common thread for all mankind.
Rather why the gaps in remembrance?
Why the loss of things that were important for they made up my life.
Pleasant, unpleasant, it is unimportant.
They exist, but not in memory.
Did they happen?
Did the tree make no sound in the forest when it fell because no one was there?
Did the stone not make ripples in the pond because no one saw it?
The time and space are still missing.
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