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Friday, April 2, 2010

Down for Easter

I am getting very close to 500 posts on this portion of my blogging adventure, so there are no rhymes or similes today.
 For a few days things have been a bit difficult, my mom is having some trouble and there is a conflict between what she wants, what I think might be good for her and what her sister wants.  The story so far is that I have gotten her a least 2 days a week of home health care on her insurance (instead of her paying for it).
This should help her and is a compromise between what I thought and what she wanted (she wanted a cleaning lady only).
Tho this is my absolutely favorite holiday, I have been a bit down and of course more trouble for people close to me did not help.
The weather did help and a church service at the local catholic church helped a lot also, but there is a lot going on that is at best, unsettled.
I hope for all the newness that this season and holiday brings for all those close to me and far away!
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