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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A dream Come True

Only a dream,
That the police will be there
At the right time
And the right place,
But there they were.
Walking back from shopping,
Near the hope to be opened soon Mill River Park,
I start to cross the next street.
An SUV, gold in color
Was half straddling the crosswalk.
Behind and to the side,
A police vehicle.
As entered the walk, the SUV moved forward and so I yelled,
More to be noticed than anything else
And the woman behind the wheel glared at me.
As I passed, she opened her door
and began yelling profanities at me.
I yelled back, simply;
“You’re NOT supposed to block the crosswalk”!
I walked on and the lady continued yelling.
Out of the corner of my eye,
I saw an officer get out of his car and approach the yelling woman.
I walked on.
A bit further, I turn to see the woman yelling at the cop.
Further down I went and saw the lights on the police car come on.
How silly was the woman in the SUV.
And how much the dream,
the one where you wish the police were around when you really needed them,
for once, came true.
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