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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ah, it is time for THAT anniversary

Okay 3 years ago, I was out of the hospital (after 2 months), but still with major head swelling from the operation that took the tumor out of my head.
I still had double vision (okay, i still do) and the doctor thought things might improve if he put a shunt in my body to relieve the swelling.
I was in and out of the hospital in one day for that portion, but of course, that began a new adventure because it was that operation that caused me to lose too much CSF (cerebral Spinal Fluid) and have my brain turn concave and for me to lose cognition for a month and memories for most of a year....
But i did survive!
and i came back even stronger than ever!
and i am still going!
No wonder my mood is a bit strange...
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