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Sunday, November 6, 2011

coming soon

i tend to really enjoy my birthdays and i have one coming soon.
i do not think of "getting older", but of living another year.
I tend to celebrate all week and today was the begining.
Simple, easy - soft boiled eggs, butter, toast.
My mom would make this often in the mornings, so it has a special meaning,
but it is such a simple thing.
Yesterday - i made a pumpkin bread ( a real yeast bread with pumpkin).
I have never made yeast bread, but the chemist in me helped when i used an old flour and too much pumpkin (i adjusted it till it looked right)!

It came out very good and only one of three loafs is left (I did not eat the other two!)

I will never call myself a baker - it takes too much work, but icould get use to eat this!

More days to come and i am hoping for an Aurora for my birthday!
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