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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween not post postponed

I found out late in the day that the city of Stamford "canceled" Halloween because of the downed power lines..
They never told me nor the numbers of children who came for candy last night...sigh!
Halloween was fun.
but now its done.
My lab is down and the candy is gone.
i hope all the children were as happy as i.
Now i look forward and think,
"They" were correct, the first year is the worst.
Coming to my birthday
and then thanksgiving
and then my mom's birthday
and Christmas
and New Years
and "little Christmas".
I have a grey edge surrounding me about those, almost like i do not want to celebrate.
I will not know until the time, cause i thought the same for Halloween and i was good with it,

these were the first cuties to come by

tho the excitement did not begin until the afternoon of...
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