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Sunday, November 13, 2011

mornings are better

my thoughts are clearer,
my heart more open.
I hear songs in the mornings,
quiet ones of encouragement and praise.
They are not from any radio.
I feel more and perhaps a bit more tenderness in my heart.
It is not that they are gone in theevening,
but my eyes are openned wider now.
Until i get busy.
Wonder at breathing and being alive.
At feeling and hearinging.
I do NOT want mornings to go away.
I want then to stay, to feel this way,
so near to the edge...of life and death.
It feels good.

On my day off, i cooked Texas smoked brisket and several times the fire went out in this cold aair, but an 8 hour time frame made it the best i have done!
A chocolate brown barbeque sauce (with no chocolate!) also worked just fine.
That is for tonight with garlic mashed potatoes and other such...
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