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Monday, March 19, 2012


there are days i think i am complaining an awful lot in this blog.
The difficulty i seem to have with it alll...
Then i heard a sermon that struck me deeply -
it was simple, for it talked of complaining and how it festers and grows and spreads...
Then it got to the heart of the matter, that the basis of our complaining is fear.
I heard that well...
because with out a doubt,
my life has changed, but it did not end.
I am stil groping my way past all that goes on,
but my life did not end...
in many sences, it began.
Some thing new is happening and some times i hang on to what "used to be",
but that is no more.
The fear is like all of us, the unknown.
I know that i will not be doing chemistry till i die...
the joke that old chemist never die, they just fail to react is no longer true for me.
all of this past life is coming to a close.
I do not know what it will be, but i am okay with it.
So if at times,
i sound like some one whinning and complaining...
I am, cause i am afraid of the new, but i already know...
It will be better.
So like spring every thing is coming up
and it is beautiful
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