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Friday, April 13, 2012

the issue of fear

i have a dear friend in another state,
a member of out long lasting community,
who is facing a serious operation on his heart.
I have known him 35 years
 and tonight he spoke of being afraid,
three days out from the operation.
This i understand -
much too vividly,
i remember being so afraid before my operation
that i could not even speak of being afraid.
I believe that he is in a better place because he knows his fear and i told him so.
And so i also belive there is hope
that whatever the outcome,
he will be olay and i told him this also.
And because he is a person of faith,
i believe that God has for him what is best for him
and i told him so.
This is all from my own experience...
it is the best i have to give.
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