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Sunday, May 20, 2012

reflections on a Sunday morning

One post at another blog cause a great deal of reflection:
they asked what was my most profound spiritual experience.
The reality is that i have had many and each has changed my life significantly.
The first is simple:  remembering being baptised when i was three years old.
Yes as a Greek Orthodox, it is normal to baptise still younger, yet my parents waited and a remember it and verified it as an adult because it was done in Norfolk, VA, not Houston, Texas.
The last was this crazy operation - which put things into perspective and brought me to a place of not being afraid of death.
Others were a conversion experience when i was in college,
meeting the people who would bring me up to Connecticut as part of a religious order - lay, but similar to a non-denominational monastery, part of the episcopal church,
and of course many others - tempering me and refining me along the way.
Yes, i go church regularly, but not always, mostly because i am part of a small community of people who are together much more often than once a week.
I will go to which ever church is near me, without a great regard to denomination, for i have attended a Buddhist service, Catholic, Greek orthodox (of course), a Jewish synagogue and many, many in between, but i particularly like a very old Episcopal Church in downtown Stamford.
There is obviously more still to my journey, since i am still here.
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