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Monday, July 2, 2012

the experimental life

many years ago,
when i was in year 3 of college,
studing chemistry.
A course i took was a lab in instrumental analysis.
The entire grade revolved around one experiment using Gas Chromatography.
We had to synthesize the matrial used in the column
and that is where the problems began.
It was a delicate reaction
and as hard as we tried to control the variables,
the reaction failed...
time and time again.
We learned many lessons:
that variables beyond our control could change things;
Temerature, atmospheric pressure and humidity were a few.
We also learned that failure to produce the material did not mean we failed the course.
We had to write up our failure and deduce "Why",
then we had to write up what would have been the action of the material if we had succeeded.
My partnern and i both received an "A" for the course.
Fast forward to yesterday and the catistrophic failure of the cornbread.
All factors had to be concidered:  old baking powder, atmospheric pressure, noise...
It all had a factor.
Today  the atmosphere was different and the cornbread came to pass perfectly.
On to my current Physical Therapy for my balance.
The worker almost threw up her hands because i am a unique case,
one that all the normal things do not work on.
She wants to "experiment".
I am game.
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