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Friday, August 3, 2012

How not to deal with an unhappy customer

a while back i wrote on how someone took a disgruntled customer (me)
and made me do a retract and shout out to a restaurant.
Tonight is the opposite.
It was a simple issue, a pork Souvlaki came out and did not taste "right'.
It did not seem to be all the pieces, but after the first taste, my companion could eat no more.
Now this can happen and not be a restaurant's fault, but a good restaurant will not question an uneaten plate of food, the waiter, who may have been inexperienced did.
I was tired from a long drive and may have been short tempered, but i pulled - "do you want me to take it to my lab tomorrow to test it" on him.
He may have consulted with the manager on duty, but they did not show.
The bill came and there was an attempt to have us pay the entire bill, with the uneaten Souvlaki.
When we questioned this we were told the cook tried this and it was fine.
This is not how you win customers.
The manager never came and i nor anyone i speak to will ever go back to the Athens Pizza & Restaurant in Stamford.
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