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Monday, December 24, 2012

closing the book

i stopped by the government center today, but did not go to the lab...
that chapter of my life is over...
I drove to the center,
something that i have been able to do lately.
Someone wanted to know if i was taking any of my "stuff',
referring specifically to a poster of me as "employee of the the month",
i was not interested.

I am NOT Italian, but i love much of the cooking traditions,
tonight i am doing 7 fishes.
mussels in white wine and garlic,
lobster, shrimp, grilled radicchio and water crest salad,
Linguine and clam sauce (uses anchovies also for those who are counting)
salmon stuffed with crab
and broccoli.

I am having fun!

I have turned the page
and shut the old book!
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