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Saturday, February 9, 2013

what i have not left behind

while i have left the job i was employed in for 33 years,
i have not left my passions.
I spoke recently at a committee meeting with the local board of reps on well water.
It and people's health is still part of my passion.
Then there is my new direction and i still find the chemist being very present.
The bottles are some of the spices that i have dried and minced myself.

Thee is one very special thing i have done and it has to do with peels.

citrus peels particularly:

when i juice a lemon, or orange or anything else, i remove the other peel (not the rind) and dry it.
Once dry, i pulverize it, making it into a powder.

Then it goes into a jar and the flavor of the citrus is intense. 

Since the flavor is an oil, drying the peel only intensifies the flavor.  Most have been turned into a fine powder were little bits of the intense flavors are pin pointed with in a dish.
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