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Monday, March 4, 2013

how things are done

as you realize my posting is more sporadic,
partially this is because my spirit is definitely up
and of course i am tackling "projects".
My normal approach is to tackle the hardness and least enjoyable first.
So first i moved from an "office" on the first floor to a bedroom upstairs.
The reasons i was on the first floor were many,
but the most significant one was i had a hard time negotiating stairs with my eye sight and balance.
The difference in me is remarkable because even though, without the prism glasses, i still see double strongly, i am confident enough without the glasses that i can take the stairs.
I drove a good distance in Stamford yesterday afternoon, it was a challenge and an event.
i wanted to go the the Stamford Nature Museum's Maple sugar festival and i was with a non-driver, who enjoyed immensely.
So the though thing was to move and arrange a bedroom upstairs in what had become a storage area.
Last week i moved and then the struggle is to restore the office area to something functional.
I do not shrink from difficult things, but i get a "vision" in my head of what needs to be done and proceed.
many times it must be revised, but a challenge is good for me.
The slow process of sorting junk from treasure will be time consuming and sometimes emotional.
That is next on he list.
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