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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

those darn visions and dreams

i praised them,
but today,
i am unsure.
For when i "see" something,,
i am driven to really see it,
but one must take time.
Each ending has many steps.
Did i tell you before,
this is why i paint in water color
and no other.
i still do not have patience.
I want to see that thing in my head so bad...
but i digress,
for yesterday,
the day was fair.
I stopped and went to the garden.
It was a good thing
or else i would have continued a project indoors,
that was not ready for completion.
Today, having been distracted,
i saw the things that needed doing first
and proceeded with them.
Those things that push me are good,
i will never be bored,
but i am still learning to take it easy,
just like the old song says...
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