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Monday, May 27, 2013

choices in the struggle

when things do not go the way you hope.
when they ways seem cloudy and misdirected.
when there is pain and suffering.
We have choices,
For we can become bitter,
complaining of all that is happening.
I have known many people with whom this has happened
and their life is dark and full of hate.
Then there is the other way, no matter how bad it seems,
to believe there is more,
that thee is another chapter to be written.
That what ever has happened is not an end
and we find that which is beautiful in the midst of trouble.
I choose the latter,
for i believe it is a choice,
that no matter what,
we choose between dark and light.

As you may surmise, there are still problems with my eyes and the new glasses
and the doubleness and pain are still there,
but i won't complain,
there is more to come
and i wait with anticipation for the dawn.
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