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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

learning curve

The new glasses arrived,
but associated with them is something i call the "vision curve.
A learning curve for the eyes, as it were.
for in their absence,
 i tried to make do,
but making do created a problem.
The pain,
the strain,
on my eyes was great,
and i knew there was deterioration.
The diplopia, the doubleness of my vision expanded.
My right eye would collapse, as it were
and move firmly toward my nose.
There is an immediate struggle,
but it is a good on
and i feel the healing returning.
Oh it will take time, maybe a week,
but i know it will return
because it the peak i could see up to 4 feet with these glasses
and not have doubleness.
At this moment,
it is only about 8 inches.
I will be fine,
i will be okay.

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