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Thursday, October 24, 2013

lessons learned or not

How many times have we been stripped of that we deem important,
only to find that what we thought was important, was not?
How many times do we hold on, thinking we can not go any further,
and then the further comes and it not so bad?
I know many who are brought to this place
and then the choices must be made.
Do we become angry and bitter and cynical?
Or do we embrace that something new has come into our lives and be thankful?
i know i have been there and i count my self fortunate in that i became thankful,
but many did not...
Stories i have been taught,
of a man swallowed by a big fish because he would not do what he was asked
o scolded by the donkey he was riding
and there are many more.
I think i have been any one of those people,
in my heart,
but things change and sometimes we actually learn.
Friends go through things that i call similar,
but of course they are different because we are all individuals,
responding to different things.
I must remember my lessons
and pray that those going through similar things,
find the answers they run from,
as i did.
and find peace,
as i did.
and find that being thankful is sometimes the greatest lesson of all.
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