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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I have been blogging for some 5 years now and have many blogger friends who have on occasion been given the opportunity to test a product and report on it.
Last week i had my opportunity, contacted by a fellow blogger and person beginning a small business, Carissa Algeri-Gulyas.
She actually contacted me through facebook and i will be posting this there also.

So what i received:
4 packages of Thinscottis.
These are very thin biscottis in a toasted almonds and a dark chocolate almond flavors.  Both came in a traditional and gluten free variety.

The recipe is one of the owner/bakers old Russian family recipe, so you can call them a Russian Biscotti.

They are interested in expanding their distribution and would also look for investors

they are made locally by hand in a commercial kitchen in CT.

I got to try these 4 varieties, but they have more.

Now what they did not know;
i have significant involvement in the food industry as a chemist (33+ years at the Health Department and worked with the FDA, yes you heard correctly AND some additional years as a food chemist at a local large bread bakery).

I proceeded with this tasting as a normal organoleptic test, getting 2 other people to help me.
One has been active in local restaurants for over 5 years as a consultant, manager and GM.

His one statement let me know the product was good:
"I'd put them i n one of the creamy desserts for texture and flavor.  They are so light, it is incredible."

The other person is a long time Italian home baker and while they wanted to not compare it to the traditional Italian biscotti, it was hard for them not to, but they also said that these were almost like a potato chip of biscotti and like the traditional Toasted Almond flavor the best.  This person liked that the biscotti did NOT have to be dunked in coffee to enjoy, but liked it best along side their coffee.

I will say that i was addicted and liked the traditional Toasted almond also the best, but would look forward to seeing this on the shelves or in restaurants in a dessert.

More information can be found at the website thinscotti.com.  Contact them, this is a fun product!

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