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Saturday, May 23, 2015

been away, back i am back and what that means

my time away was extended, due to unforeseen and events that could not be planned for.
I am reminded by questions and observations of others,
that i live differently than most.
For while i am away,
i am physically working,
I garden  and weed.
I am more active than at home.
My winter weight disappears and I sweat profusely.
My health improves, so that my blood sugar and bleed pressure is good, without the meds i take here.
here, i manage a house and bills and all that stress related financial stuff.
I do none of that there.
So, is it a vacation?
yes, but an active one and this is the life i chose.
A younger person was amazed by my activity and questioned me.,
but i chose a different life a long time ago.
A Christian/Spiritual community where work is also prayer and so what conflict is there for me...
I have heard from too many retirees saying that they are bored.
The life i chose promise that i will never be so
and for this i am thankful.
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