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Friday, August 19, 2016

returning from the south, i needed a reminder of what i was missing -restaurant review

Soul Tasty

Just opened and i had to see if something authentic could open in Stamford, CT.

I am happy to report a resounding YES to that question.

when i was down south, i order a lot of fried chicken because I just do not find good southern fried chicken here....

I started with that, but i had to wait BECAUSE THERE WAS A LINE of people who obviously are looking for the same thing.

They gave me wings, which i was slightly surprised at cause they are the more expensive things to but, but i was not complaining and they met my expectations.

Then i went for two traditional sides - Collard Greens and black eye peas.
Often in the south i am disappointed cause there is either too much vinegar or none with no flavor either...This was perfect with just a hint of vinegar and a lot of flavor...sold

black-eyed peas were also perfect.
the meal comes with corn bread - which follows a tradition of being slightly sweet and is a great accompaniment.

Go, get ye to the soul food place, enjoy cause this is what it is all about
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