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Saturday, November 5, 2016

the normal refrain for me now - I am busy!

I see a person walking on the street,
also retired,
who complained how bored he was,
now that he retired.
I do not understand,
it seems so much is crammed into each day,
i sometimes do not have time for my self.
This is obviously a good thing,
for i feel like i am living now,
doing the things that make me happy...
"what is your day like?", they all ask
and i stumble,
i do not know how to describe a routine,
where others are so part of my life.
Normal stuff in a week:
I take my time to cook,
i must take time when shopping,
(only a bit of impulse buying here).
A friend in the hospital,
helping a friend with a project,
The older neighbor on our street,
(who says i am her friend),
other neighbors,
who say they miss my bright greetings,
when i am away.
I have a good relationship with the priest at the church i go to,
the time there is not about me.
Evening is quiet
and spend it with my housemates,
persons who are more than friends for more than 30 years.
My sleep time is set by nothing in particular,
but i have a hard time keeping my eyes open past 10 PM.
6 to 7 AM, i am up
and i have no way of "sleeping in",
for i am rested and ready to continue.
Days are different, but similar.
I still wonder if i had a life when i worked,
for to me this is living!

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