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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The system does not work - an aside

I doubt any one really reads this - in this case the rants of a some what mad chemist - but just in case and people have a formed opinion about the situation that I have been describing, I will divulge some detail.
The person of this discussion is real, is a divorced mother of 4 (one has left the nest, one has some mental health issues), is what would be classified as the working poor - holds one full time job($8.00/hr) and a part-time job, but has to choose between the rent, food or heat many months. The ex has a court order to pay child support, but hasn't cause "he has a new life". She is a survivor, but not a fighter. She cares more for her children than her self and is torn by many issues. She has minimal support in this area - her mother lives in North Carolina.
That is my Aside.
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