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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scott Marz - an Introduction

I have known Scott Marz some 35 years, since he was five, so that I should support some his endeavors is not surprising to me.
His reputation is extreme, tho if you were to ask him he would probably shrug it off.
He lived with his family in an intentional community, which in Stamford began The community of St. Luke, which created what is now known as St Luke's Community Services, worked with the homeless, the disabled, the people who were the working poor and people who just had hard times.
His schooling at an early age was Montessori , High school was catholic and he graduated
with a B.S. degree in economics from Suny Purchase New York, but his love has been music.
His start was at a place called Park Row Grill which most reading this will not remember, under the mall in the area called old main street. He had a band called Rubin Kinkad which performed in the hall several times to a very large crowd and this was all Stamford had to offer as night life at that time, save for the Terrace club.
He started DJing at Willow Street (Port Chester NY) in the mid 80's and convinced the
management their to try some thing new.
Willow Street was known for 2 things; live bands till 12 and the after 2 crowd from Connecticut, since they stayed open till 4 (it was also known for 18 year old drinking until the laws changed). So after 12, when the bands had finished and the Connecticut crowd had not yet arrived Bounce was born.
Bounce was an event party with DJs and shows of the electronic medium.
They grew to a very successful item with a life of its own including acts such as the then
unknown Crystal Method (in the future to do the sound track to Blade) and the still unknown "Stratosphere" and light and Laser shows(I did the Laser shows).
He then used this success to do regional parties, starting with a series of "Flavor" parties at the old Globe Theater in Norwalk.
All While he was setting up and orchestrating these parties, he was also producing music of the electronic flavor, with no less than 12 hitting the top 50 in the Dance charts, with several in the top ten.
His company, Kingsize-USA became known for its production abilities and was producing shows in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts with crowds in the thousands.
His success as a DJ was so that he had requests from Florida, California, England and other parts of Europe for his services. He frequently preformed at the Sound Factory in New York and was a major draw.
At this point he saw problems coming and began his quest for something different.
He worked with the Bar/club in Norwalk "Symmetry"to change its image and its name to "Ego".
He began working with other Bars and restaurants, recreating their image in the tristate area.
He spun off Kingsize-Usa to a co-producer and created Kusic sound source which was primarily to work with existing clubs and Bars, providing DJ services, sound system installation and event production.
Additionally he created Clearmediamanagement which created a custom music for Hotels and restaurants that would be different than the "elevator music" that was available at that time. He produced a portion of the music on the MTV series "Vidiots".
It was as all this was happening and both these two companies were begining to thrive that he was approached by the "Diner People".
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