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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Inside Story - a twisted tale

A bit ago I brought the interesting goings on of The Volunteer Fire Department at Turn of River with the musings of "Why do Politicians Lie?" The story came out because of extreme construction behind the Stamford Ambulance (which is City property) where no neighboring residents were notified before hand. The fact that no notices or information was forthcoming from the people who were orchestrating the fast paced work made everything seem like an undercover operation. One worker was extremely out in the open about the lack of proper notification.
He also backed away from involvement.

Scott Mirkin, a rep for the city actually tried to find out what the plans were and was fairly rebuffed

The item is on review this month on the Fiscal committee agenda. I placed several calls before I left for vacation on 5/25. These were bits of information but nothing concrete. Whatever is going to happen with the project will most likely be different based on the agreement that was mentioned between TOR Volunteer Fire Department and the City. BTW...I returned from vacation and have been digging out.

He called my friend and told them at the meeting nothing concrete was again reveled, but he has the feeling that the mayor has a bug up his rear-end about the volunteer fire departments in general. (my speculation-was he refused one time entry?)
The end result of this action is that we would have the same issue as with the police - many people who don't live in Stamford and don't really care about Stamford in general working in important positions of emergency response.
Again Scott Mirkin told my friend to go visit the area of Turn of River Rd with its 'temporary building' and said the same is planned for this part of Long Ridge Rd.

It is now July and the temp building is in place And a Fire Truck Now sits in the Stamford Ambulance Parking Lot, for what purpose? And what is the problem the mayor has with the Volunteer Fire Department?
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