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Monday, May 19, 2008

Why do Politicians Lie?

Any one who has read any of my posts, knows that I am a 'civil servant' and that I frequently take issue with the politics of the moment. I have been work a long time and have tried (not always successful) to give service in my capacity to the rest of the citizens who come to me for assistance. I have no problem telling some one that I can't help them, but I might know some one who does - or I have no clue. I have no problem going out on a limb and saying what my knowledge tells me, even if it is not 'company policy'. I have no problem giving an educated guess - even if that guess turns out to be wrong and I have no problem being wrong about something. But I have never bald face lied to any question given to me.
So why do they do it?
This situation occurred just recently - with something that was a simple query concerning construction occurring at the Stamford EMS on Long Ridge Rd. I wanted to know what was going on cause some one had told my friend that there was quiet a story going on.
Now I don't fully understand the Mayor's dispute with the volunteer fire companies and I generally like what the mayor has done in this town at least as far as upgrading the 'stone age' items we were working with as far as record keeping and communication are concerned.
I do have a problem when anyone does something behind everyones backs and is sneaky about it, particularly when they are a 'public servant'.

So the story is I want to know what is going on at the Stamford EMS and all the construction.
I E-mail a few people with some picutes and ask what is going on?

and then I see Bill Callion, the Director and oversight of Police, Fire and Health and think surely he must know. I do so as a citizen of Stamford, not an employee.
He says that There is nothing going on and they are not putting a firehouse there and says that there is already a foundation there.
Representative Day, District 13, E mails me and says it is only an expansion of the parking lot.

I am now curious, so I go over and take more pictures and notice that the storm drain in front of EMS is being moved and that there are electrical panels being put up.
An article in the advocate exposes more issues and all is clear,

Territory dispute mars volunteer fire talks - By Wynne Parry
Staff Writer

STAMFORD - Turn of River volunteer fire officials said they learned last week - days before today's scheduled mediation with the city - that city officials plan to set up trailers for paid firefighters in their district. View Full Story

So the question again is why do politicians lie???

More Email to me confirming the story, which I am sure are available via FOI.

So the question again is why do politicians lie???
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