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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A light at the end of the tunnel

I thought of the comments from StamfordTalk about editing posts and know that the feelings that occurred during this latest flurry of posts are as they occurred and the feeling of anger and hopelessness exist in these situations and so there will be no editing.
There is light though at the end of this tunnel and though the laws and codes that I have written about have no heart, the majority of the people enforcing them do. They are bound however to respond according to those laws and codes that have been set forth to protect people, but they are allowed to do so in a timely manner and to provide help to allow the negative impacts to be minimal.
This is what appears to be happening, orders are being written, but they are being 'delayed' so that time for compliance can occur. The order has to do with an illegal cellar occupancy and over crowding - it will take one month to be enacted (?)/enforced and it that time 3 of her children will be down in North Carolina with their grandmother leaving herself and one child in a now uncrowded apartment.
In the meantime, other persons are becoming involved so that perhaps what appeared to be a bleak tragedy may have a much better ending.
-The ex who is not helping maybe brought to task by the powers that be.
-a better place may be found for my friend and her children.
-employment maybe offered to her son who graduates from high school.
A lot of maybes, but they actually seem possible.
Did this loud mouth some what mad chemist have any thing to do with it? Maybe my loud mouth helped.

It seems that everyone in these situations needs an advocate who isn't overwhelmed by the actual situation.
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