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Monday, August 25, 2008

beginings leaving houston

Discomfort - an Idea I don't like but am familiar with.
In the Hospital, I now have a low grade fever and they have discounted UTI, and chest problems, but they ran tests anyways and then some more tests and now I am on an antibiotic.
This is NOT frightening, just uncomfortable, The the now apparent bouts of hacking and coughing and snorting that has been going on. I am not alarmed, but I really did not want this going on at the same time as the problems that I consider serious, but that is not my choice. I want to out to my home pick the clothes I want and come back quickly (Nope, not happening) I would love to go out and eat mexican, ( nope still not happening)
I am still in survival mode and good food, drinks and being out are a far distance. I eat and drink exactly what I am able and I have no Complaints. And I still Struggle not to drown myself.
I am imoroving, but my ability to see is limited, but I know ther is improvement.
I also seem to have been surrounded by the sim,ple peopls of God. Who God bless me as they empty the garbage or clean my room or take me to excersise or a test. For this I am very grateful and I realy do not feel alone, ever.
ne of my struggles in Houston was being alone, I did not want to be and I really wanted to be as well.
In the cource of getting closer to household in Housto, I found that I didn't have to choose. We were together completely, except when we were apart and even then ther were bonds to didnot separate.
Ny girlfriend left me because she wanted the lower middle class life and that life made no sence to me. We fought constantly over stupid simple things and when we did break up, my dad said it really was for the best and was glad.
I was never the most aware kid and I do not know the sequence of things, but at some point
Frank and his wife would move to Stamford, but had no idea how it would happen. There were manythings in the way, a house, a school for his son and jobs.
They approached me. This was very serous and needed to pray, seek guidance etc to see if God would want me ther. I didnot know, I still needed to finish school, This had not offered the last class I needed to graduate and that was first - a "fleece" was laid. because it still wasn't offered in the spring semester.
I was uncomforatable about the unknown and really took my time with things.
They had been going to a large chuch episcopal, in River Oaks. When you think rich uo here you think Greenwich, westport darian etc, in Houston it is River Oaks were the wealth of all those towns I mentioned from up here pall compared to River Oaks. But most people when you met them on the street you would not kn ow it. The church was very traditional low to middle episcopal chuch and had a large congregation with 3 preist.
They helped guide Frank and Marie in their decision making process and supported them in many other ways as well. When the fourth ward clinic closed, they go the congrgation to support paid staff ( doctord, nurses, med techs, etc, to reopen it and it is opened to this day.
I had been a bit tainted by my short stint with the "Fundies" and might have been a bit Jesus freaky. Frank was not, keeping my parents informed, finishing school, seing them regularly if I moved in with them was a priority. I would not be tra-la-ling down any path. His concern for any relationship was strong and would be my main encouragement when I did move. He also Asked if I could stay two years and I was okay with that.
Marie, his wife was just as serious. She really did not want to move.
Franks sister found a house and they got a mortgage using Frank's 70 plus year old Father as a cosigner.

The Whitby school found a place for Scott and a job for Marie.
Then, the class I needed became available...I signed up. Then in December they decided they would cancel it because there were to few Students, but when time came to Start the Spring Semester, they opened again. The First class had 6 people in it and they threatened to close it.
This was my way of seeing if things would or would not happen, so I did not try to force anything and let things happen.
Reality, I was scared out my mind and very uncomforatable, but My life was not in any trouble or danger.
We left after my last test and I officially graduated in May.
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