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Friday, August 22, 2008


reflections I was not expecting this, of course when I came to Stamford, I was not expecting that either.

I was okay - sufferring headaches and fatique and confusions and head aches, but I was functipning???
Now I can't see striaght, double vission in a visious wat, cannot swallow water and can't walk without help, but I am alive which I might not be otherwise. My doctor is good and had a hntch and ran with it and every thing was caught early...I am grateful beyond all words, butI really was not prepared.
The doctors explained much, but I had no way to comprehend what they were saying.
I was a very resourceful individual with much responsibility.
That changed 14 days ago. and I do not lnow how long it will take before I am normal again or will be stable again. Things change things stay the same...I still ca'n't walk or see straight or swallow water.
During this turbulent time I will try to go back and reflect on who I was and where I came from.
English and speling will be difficult, but hang in and you wi;; see a story..to the best of my ability,
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