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Monday, September 15, 2008

Strangely sensitive

Well the hours are ticking away and the Hospital is trying to curb some of my joy by saying I will be restricted to the house for a while. In a word, no. But I will not be driving or anything like that and I will mostly stick to home, but I will be much more active than I have been here. Do not expect daily posts.
My main Doctor came by, like he has been doing on a very regular basis and made sure I was comfortable being released, the only one who did ask. Dr. Bhalodiya has been one doctor who I have been very comfortable with. He has a very current knowledge of what is going on and shares completely. He is upbeat, but mostly because he sees huge advances in medicine and he very aware of a lot of it. When I ask a question, he either has an answer or gets back to me. I am never stuck figuring out why by myself, which appears to be the current philosophy in a lot of doctors.
He is also very proactive and sometimes I don't like it, but it has helped.
This is the only recommendation of a doctor I will ever make, but it is my experience and it has been a good one. (Okay, I lied, I make another in the future).

In the hospital:
One of the strange side effects of this operation is I seem to be more emotional. Now is that temporary due to the swelling in the back of my head or a permanent condition. I do not know, I just know that I have watched several feeling good moves that made me cry and one very sad one that had me in tears. I always had some of that, but not anywhere near what I have ben experiencing. We will see.
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