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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Selfish actions

One of my saving graces here has been that Stamford Hospital gives patients a laptop to use during the day. They take them back at night to recharge and to keep inventory.
I have been using it for I think 25 days and it has helped me a great deal.
Now there has been a down side to this because some people decide to 'play' with the computers and ruin them for other people. The sad part is I have been working with computers since 1968 and have probably forgotten more computer langauges than a lot of people know and besides vista, know most operating system (including linux and apple). In that I won't call myself an expert, I am just comfortable with computers. I know a thousand ways of finding the tricks that were used to ruin these computers and I am not going to try to hack a computer that is not mine to fix stupid people's actions. There are people paid to do that and I will not mess things up worse by messing with their system. I missed posting yesterday because of one of those computers, most times they are able to get a new one, but if they are all out, I am out of luck and that was yesterday. People try to over rule the sytems and customize these and ruin them for others. I do all that I want at home, on my own computer. I do work related stuff at work and minimal customization for the computers I use at work. I do not usurp the system in place at work because.
That is my tirad
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