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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still working on me.

I had to delete something in my last post because I was complaining and it is someting I am trying to rid myself of. Afer more than 5 weeks in the hospital, not really complaining about much of anything, you would have thought I would have learned that lesson, but there is more to go.

For me at least I have all the Doctoers and therapist on the same page, that the problems I am still experiencing are really due to the sweeling that still exists in my head. The fluid is slowly going down and some days it does not seem measurable, but the double vision and the lack of balance are due to fluid still pressing on my brain and that is due to the surgery. The swallowing difficulties are also due to swelling still in my neck and throat, and that may also be due to the surgerythe lack of answers consti because most of the damage due to the reintibation is gone.
If you guys think there is a lot of self diagnosis going on, you are correct, I have come up with most of this with the doctors and therapist agreeing after. I am not sure if this inspires confidence for answers, bit I will say that thier methods to reach the goal was the most important and they all did that very well.
So when I go out of here I will be a slightly active person, cause I will work in my garden and will lumber around my house with out any mechanical or personal assistance. When I go out into the real world, I will probably use a cane untill all the swelling is gone, as much to tell other people that I am not quite stable on my feet as to keep my self balanced in a crowd.
So I guess, watch out!
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