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Friday, September 12, 2008

My God, I really might be gettin' outtta here!

Friday, my last Friday! Yes, you heard me and there are actually some improvements in my eyesight My glass which seemed to be used for far away things appears to be used for reading agin (like they were a year ago). The Double vision still ranks me as disabled and I patch one eye to use the computer (with my now useful glasses)!
I am excited, I will have been here 39 days on Tuesday. I will have used 29 sick days ( I had 148?) and gained 2 more and will not be able to go back to work for a whille still.
I am axious to be able to go back to the garden again ( no one in the house is a gardener, but they try).
I can walk, slooowly, without any help or aid, but in the hospital they always want me to use a walker or have someone with me (of course).
The Therapy people have been working muscles that either I didn'y know I had or hadn't used much or had let slack during this long stay. They have been relentless and I am very happy for it.

My statement of the day, some people say I am too nice... they may be correct. Niceness can come from fear or it can come from strength.
After years of working on the weakness which most of the time manifested in uncomforatable explosions...those have mostly vanished.
I do believe most of my niceness comes from my strength of conviction now. I can be firm when I need answers, but I do not need to be mean, I can still be nice and thank a person for what they are able to give me.
I do not need to be an Oak tree, I can be a Willow, firmly rooted and able to with stand storms and trouble, but also very flexable. That is a goal, but I am becoming that.
I think that those who are always firm, might actually get blown down in a storm. A very old anoalogy. And my correllary is that they might miss something really important or nice for thier like by being so inflexable.

So it was for one friend, who seemed to be there, but got lost in the mist of this. I feel bad for her.

Again thanks for all who read this and all who responded, it was invaluable.
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