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Monday, November 3, 2008

And The Reslts are in...

And I do not know, I feel like I got knocked back a couple of months.. head aches, more trouble seeing, but the swelling in the back of my head is gone. Most of this is expected. I had been recovering with this large lumo of CSF in the back of my head and it wasputting pressure on everything. It is gone and I expected maybe a week of readjustment. I got it. There are improvement I can see for a little bit then they get scattered all over the place and I am lost. The Doctor told me of headaches, my boss told me about headaches, a nurse friend told me of headaches - thought there would be headaches, but not on the level I got and muscle aches where the fluid was. Of course, the fluid adjusted how my neck musles held my head, It is gone, now things can proceed normally. And that is exactly what is happening, so now I am on the true road of recovery. And yes the operation was a day surgery, I am at home.
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