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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In the processes of last year, met a number of doctors, many of the doctors were during my adventure and some were beyond excellent and others were awful. I will shout out for the the best!
1) Dr. VipalhumarBhalodiya - a mouthful to say and yes Asian Indian, my Primary care doctor and if every primary care doctor could be like him - this world would be a better place. I was in the hospital for almost a total of 7 weeks during my adventure, I do not believe he missed a day visiting me and checking on my progress. He is easy to talk to and is really up on a lot of medicine. He s very proactive (though not a specialist) in things in this area that matter (Lyme disease). I have been fortunate that he has been the orchastrator of my recovery, pulling specialist when ever they are called for.
2) Dr. Rosenstien - the neurologist/surgeon who pulled of the operation that got rid of the tumor pressing against my brain stem. Not an easy operation and it worked, I lived and am able to write about it. Also good at coming by, scheduling, being informative and pulling help for me when I needed it. I would also say that for all his knowledge, he was quick to say he learned by the things I went through, That is a plus. He was highly recommended to me before the procedure and I would do the same.
3) A host of doctors at Stamford Hospital who worked with my very demanding primary care doctor to get me through things. There were some I might not think highly of, but by far, the majority were very good and informative.

Other honorable mentions:
Dr. Adler-Kline - I have known her bu reputation at the health Department as one of those very proactive with epizootic (read Lyme and other tick borne diseases) diseases, but I got to met her as part of the team treating me in the December Hospital stay. Very impressive.
Dr. Louise Resor - a neurologist called in also during my December stay. I have met her before, when she followed some serious problems David was having. She showed a lot of concern and caring for him and her follow-up with him was excellent.
Dr. Bruce Klenoff - an ear, nose and throat doctor who showed up at some ungodly hour at night during my first stay at the hospital because of some issues I was having, again at the request of my primary care physician.

For the bad, I will not mention any names, just that some who have decades of experience, know too much and are not open to new occurrences. Some showed too much prejudice ((Surgery is not medicine???? And expressed out loud in ICU). Others cling to old ideas and seem not willing to realize that Stamford, CT is in the epicenter of Lyme disease, do not seem to follow even the minimal CDC guidelines for it (yes, this has nothing to do with my adventure), and still believe the effects of said disease are in peoples head.

I guess my concept of a good Doctor is one who is proactive about things, keeps themselves abreast of new info and can talk to the patient.

Well there it is!

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patty said...

I had great experiences with Dr. (B) Klenoff years back. He successfully treated a persistent and painful case of swimmer's ear for me. I found a new ENT this summer when Dr. K couldn't fit me in immediately.

I'm glad you found some good ones.