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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun day

Slowly, life creeps back in... I wish I had the humor that Always at Home and uncool has, but alas I have my very scary adventure and my environmental issues that push on my heart with an occasional outburst of outrage at the stupid things that happen in this city, Stamford.
The good news, I actually am beginning to feel like myself. Save for the double vision, which is keeping from even thinking about going back to work and continuing to use up my 29 years of accumulated sick time, I also find that going out even for a few hours is an ordeal. Yes, I try to go out - with someone at this time. Yesterday it was to the Sewage treatment plants Christmas party. Funny in the 29 years of being with the city I never went till yesterday. It is the party to beat all Christmas parties as far as the city goes and there were a lot of people, good food and desserts (no liquor, its during work time). and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but at the end I was exhausted and when I got home I napped. The only thing I regret is not being able to eat like I used to - there was a lot of good food, but I have lost 35 pounds from my adventure and my eating is slow and very deliberate. Since I was over weight, tho did not show the amount I was, this is a good thing. The adventure has done some other very good things to my outlook on life and my way of perceiving people. All in all, a good reflective time.
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