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Friday, December 19, 2008


While I have been going through my adventure, there have been a number of people who have been "rocks" for me and I treasure each one, but the one I actually treasure the most is David.
I wrote some time ago about David, because of who he is, his brain was damaged at birth so he does not always appear to "have it all together", but he does sometimes show more intelligence than his brainier housemate (me). One of the things the doctors tell me is that the double vision that I have is not a physical problem, it is a problem with my brain. There has been enough trauma to my head that my brain can not put together the 2 images each of my eyes see correctly. I think of David, sometimes he moves into the way because he is trying to get out of the way, picks up an item next to the thing that he wanted, opens the dishwasher door a leaves it so (till he empties it some hours latter), to remind he he has to put things away still, leave a cabinet door open, because what he just took out will eventually be put back there, can not drive because of these perceptual issues and usually can not tell the left from the right. These are functions of the brain trying to decipher all the many things that are around it and failing. Seeing how well he manages his life with these difficulties, makes me appreciate his struggle even more. I just have an eyesight issue, and I am not saying it is not hard, it is trivial compared to what David has been dealing with his whole life. And while he is a bit slow and some what more deliberate in all his actions, he has a heart. While some people could not be around me after the first few weeks, he stuck closer, encourages me, helps correct the negative attitudes that would creep in, gives me encouragement, walks to Target to pick stuff yup that I can not and is always there to help me in anyway he can. Today he will walk me to my doctors (who is close) because he does not want to see me fall ever again. This is David. I will take his heart over my intellect any day.
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