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Monday, December 29, 2008


It almost seems that there are lulls between struggles and then signs that new things are ready to occur before the next steps occur. This adventure is is no different and I feel that the next set of struggles are upon me. The last three have been for my life, this one feels like it is for living (or quality of life). The issues, maybe in order, my ability to eat and enjoy it, my vision, my endurance and stability. Very simple, when I eat, quickly something happens that stops me from consuming. There is a block, long before I am full and things do not go down into the stomach. They do not block my breathing, but neither do they go down and then I risk unpleasantness of losing the last few bites. I am not eating much and know I am not up to the hospital diet of 1200 calories. It does not make eating enjoyable and being out with friends is not yet pleasant. Possibly related are coughing and hiccups, both seem to be attempts to clear my airways of any residual food particles, since they won't go down. The good thing is I get to see my doctor regarding a follow-up and these are issues I will bring up. The vision issue begins with a visit to New York the 12th of January, so my next set of issues are being brought to the front lines!
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