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Saturday, December 27, 2008


In this wonderful adventure I have been on the past months, I find myself terribly restricted, not able to really get out of the house much (this is what I was trying to do when I had my blackout in December). So the snow and ice really do not help. Walking outside is not only difficult, but down right dangerous. Yesterday I had a chance to ride to pick up the closest people to me as they flew in to LaGaurdia. The trip was fine, but I learned that it is easier to patch my left eye for travel, even tho it seems sharper. I walked only a short way across the road from the parking lot to the terminal and was tired. I tripped slightly (no, I did NOT fall) and was slightly disoriented. This appears to be totally optical. I sat down, closed my eyes and things came together, met Marie and Scott and went back to the car with no other incident, but when I came home I was tired. Today, I had the chance to go to a few stores looking for a CD player. Walking and looking in the stores was tough. One eye sees distance than the other and the other sees closer better. At some point the eyes get tired and my hands seem smaller (a quater looks like a nickle in size as a comparision). Talk about disorientation! I ran into more than one person, by turning on the patched eye side and think I may have hit someone with my cane. I do actually use a cane, it "catches" me when I lose my location (best way to describe it). With all of this the days go on forever and I do get 'cabin-fever' and wish I was some place sunny and watrm. On top of all of this, I still have this stomach issue where if I eat just a bit to much, the food will not go down completely and eventually gets coughed back up (no it does not go down the wrong way, it goes through the swallow mechanism as far as I can tell). These are my issues to address for the New Year. I have an appointment with an optomitrist in New York on the 12th for work on the eye /double vision and my regular doctor on the 30th of December for the rest of it. It does not change my general positive attitude, but these are my next challenges as I go on my adventure.
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