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Born a Texan, but traveled the US extensively.  Now staying on the East coast.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


As I muse on the incredible adventure I have been on, the ups, the downs, the fears, a great lightness settles over me. I am thankful! For some reason all the difficult and places I would call bad have a reason. They all come together and there is thankfulness. I barely understand, hardly comprehend, but it is there. It is been there for some time now and it almost overwhelms me. Now I am able to look at the rest of this strange thing I call my life. It is filled with the unexplained, the frightening, the tragic, the difficult, things which are good, things which are embarrassing, things which I have been ashamed and they all come together, not good and evil anymore, but one item which makes me and it is good.
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