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Friday, December 26, 2008

Interesting times

One of the things that happened this last hospitalization was I lost most of my sense of taste- high salt, very sweet and spicy ( a friend gave me some home-made Indian chutney that seemed to penetrate the strange blank of yuk that coated my mouth). It finally left, but I still could not eat much (maybe just as well, I am still only about 190) and then I got to cook! One of my favorite things is to cook, sometimes I do well, sometimes not so well. Well Christmas eve was a great test, it was not overly complicated simple appetizers (from the can or just needing to be cut up) Shrimp, scallops, spaghetti and salad. The shrimp I did in a butter with garlic, shallots, a bit of lemon and white wine. Same with the scallops, with out the lemon.. Then I took the juice from that, thicken slightly and made the sauce for the pasta. It all worked, the shrimp and scallops were not over cooked, but tender and juicy, everyone raved, especially me, since I was not sure how i would do (Thanksgiving, I could not cook anything). I did it with out being exhausted (yea!) and tho I went to sleep early, it was a very good sleep. The only sad thing - I was only able to eat 4 shrimp, 1 scallop, a clam (I frogit to mention the steamed clams?) and 2 bites of pasta, oh well I'll get to eat again, some day.
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