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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I have kind of strange attitudes toward Christmas. I am not overly religious about it, even tho the main issue is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, I don't particularly believe that this is THE day, but it is a great time to put the celebration. I also happen to hate winter, so any positive thing is important and this as a celebration beats every other holiday I can think of. The gift giving is minor to insignificant (read clearly here that I have no children), but the decorations are. They are bright and cheery and lift my heart nicely. I was introduced to the Italian fast (no meat) feast for Christmas eve some years ago and although I can not dream of following the entire set-up the way the Italians do, I Love setting something up that is similar or at least mimics it a little bit. I probably will not go to church this evening, the 11 PM services are to much for me this year. Love, kindness, friendship are the most important things all of this and I definitely have been given a lot of that this year. Thankfulness is big on the list too. So to all who read this, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and God bless you all, everyone!
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