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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I usually send an internet Christmas card to those I know, because I am terrible in writing cards (and one card does it all). This year is no exception.
My first attempt had to be replaced by a second cause I had one graphic selected. (whoops!) It was a play on the words of a pop Christmas song.
Yes I still see double, so I patch one eye at a time and lose energy quickly with that along with other minor issues. Yes it is true, I have NOT healed yet, but things are working. I am suppose to get a call concerning SUNY school of optometry in NYC sometime today and try to get fitted for prism glass so I can see straight (the actual trip has me concerned).
I am dealing with what I would call a 'sour' stomach, something I never had in my life before this (it allowed me to really enjoy eating).
All my scraps seem to be rapidly healing, suddenly (including an allergic reaction to the non-allergenic flesh colored cloth tape when they drew blood).
The taste buds in my mouth appear to be returning to normal (There was an extremely bitter coating in my mouth which stopped all but the most intense flavors).
And the massive amounts of mucous my mouth was producing appear to be subsiding.
All in all very good.
One other strange thing - I have always hated the cold because it seemed to permeate every pore in my body. I still hate the cold, but it does not seem to bother me as much physically as it did.
I would definately say things are looking up!
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